about: the MP team

Douglas Elliott (designer) – Douglas Elliott has been in the jewelry industry for 37 years. Classically trained at the bench, Douglas learned under some of the best artisans in his trade. In his earlier career, Douglas had a well known line of fashion jewelry under the name “Elliott” carried in both Nieman Marcus and Saks as well as many other privately owned jewelry stores throughout the United States. Over the past 10 years he has shifted his focus to designing engagement rings and fine jewelry. Douglas loves the Beatles, plays guitar, and has an extensive collection of rock and roll memorabilia. He is an avid fan of both the NY Yankees and the Jets. Douglas is a true New Yorker, born and raised. He and Marisa now have a house on Long Island where he exercises his green thumb and runs with their dog, Max 2.0.

Marisa Perry (owner)-  Marisa met Douglas in 2002 and fell immediately in love. It was her heart to display his talent that inspired the creation of the atelier. Marisa plays the role of both boss and mama to many, always putting the clients best interest as the very top priority. When asked about her favorite part of this business, she answered that it was unexpectedly being involved in the most significant moments in peoples lives. She also loves the challenge of building a brand and marketing a business. Marisa’s biggest passions are people and food. Marisa was previously involved in the gourmet food business; she loves to cook, garden, and travel (especially to France). She’s speaks both French and wine fluently. Originally from California, Marisa will celebrate 27 years in NYC on October 29. She’s a lover of all things vintage and an expert at buying gifts.

Bob Loeser (sales) – Bob has officially/affectionately earned the nickname “our yellow diamond man”. A long time friend of Marisa, Bob joined the MP team with a focus primarily on sales. He’s thoroughly knowledgeable in yellow diamonds, NYC real estate, and vodka martinis.  Bob’s a real renaissance man. He’s an avid art and antique collector, spectacular interior designer, and a proud grandfather of 3 gorgeous girls. He’s the proud papa of 2 cats, Alexandra and Nicholas, that live with him on the Upper East Side. He is Philly born, Virginia raised, lived in Cali, but NY has been home for the last 20 years.

Roberto Lebron – Rob is the head of our special order and repairs department. In charge of the timeline and tracking of all orders, and managing jewelers, he’s meticulous, reliable, bi-lingual and… single! 😉 He’s a certified stud-muffin, born in Puerto Rico and raised by his darling Dominican mommy in the Bronx. Rob is a big basketball fan – his favorite teams are the New York Knicks. He’s also an avid fan of the Yankees, Ralph Lauren, Hennessy cognac and chicken. Rob loves looking “flee”, has expensive taste, and a slight addiction to buying sneakers.

Elizabeth Zusev (digital marketing, photography) – Liz has been a loyal friend and employee of Marisa Perry for the past 5 years. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she’s an amazing photographer and a total jewelry junkie. Although Liz is honing her photography skills for our jewelry, she’s an exciting, edgy, fine art photographer. Marisa says, “She’s really a modern Helmut Newton.” Liz has lived in NYC most of her life, sans a short time in Chicago and 1 year in Japan where her sailor husband was stationed. The wittiest member of our MP team, Liz loves the Beatles and is (and I quote), “really working here to take advantage of Marisa’s cooking.” (see her photography here: ZusevDesigns, and photography prints on Etsy here: Photography **features art nudes**)


Leeann Herrmann (marketing) – After graduating from the University of Michigan, Leeann was introduced to the Big Apple. While living in NYC in 2012, she fell in love with the  beauty of the jewelry and the family feel of this small company. Now residing in the midwest pursuing a Graduate degree, Leeann is in a long distance relationship with Marisa Perry Atelier. Luckily the Marisa Perry team and the internet have made this possible! Leeann spends most of her time working with special needs children and giving private violin lessons. She is passionate about manatees, love, and BSpears. Leeann’s new favorite saying is, “An hour of yoga a day keeps the stress away.”

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