Romantic Home: Tea Time

Tea Timing!

Spring time is around the corner and it might be fun to have some ideas in your arsenal for a romantic rainy afternoon idea! Here’s mine!  The lost art of the

“Easy High Tea with Sherry”.

For a full and ultimate “HIGH TEA”, you should have tea sandwiches, scones with jam  and devon cream, and tiny petit four. Your beverages should include tea, and sherry or champagne. But fear not readers, I am not suggesting that you prepare all of this yourself! So here are my ideas from the minimum to maximum experience for you to woo your significant other. And nothing sets the tone for a romantic afternoon indoors, like a spot {or three glasses} of sherry!

You need to make sure that you have tea! Along with sugar, milk or lemon, depending on how you both take your tea.


Next priority is an Alcoholic Beverage! I recommend Cream Sherry. You can sub with Champagne but Cream Sherry is more authentic, super delicious and much less expensive. And it offers a happy, relaxing, warm blanket feeling over the let’s party feeling of Champagne!


If you are serving this after you have had lunch, I would focus soley on scones and pastries. That said, if you have not had lunch, tea sandwiches are a super treat.

I recommend, olive and cream cheese, or cream cheese and cucumber, ham and cheese, thinly sliced of course, and maybe a thinly sliced chicken or turkey with a little mayo. They should be simple and flat on any squishy bread you like, including the white bread which we have all banished from our kitchens.

Here are some examples of High Tea set-ups!





Scones are easy to find, and devon cream is available at most any gourmet store like Citerella’s, Dean and Deluca, etc. Have it in house for that rainy day. And little macarons or tiny petit four, are also available at most any gourmet store or bakery.

If you are thinking “ Sure Marisa, it’s raining outside, and I am going to run, all over picking up this stuff!

Well, I would pick up devon cream and tea and Sherry at your convenience, to store and have on hand for that rainy day. And on the day of, I would run out to a specialty store and pick up the bread (sliced) a couple of sandwich fillers in the deli area, scones and petit four in the bakery section, and go home and set it up!  If you can’t find petits fours, you can purchase an individual lemon tart and raspberry tart and cut them in squares with a sharp knife!

If you want to be extravagant, you can make a run to La Duree for Macarons!

And after his first glass of sherry, he will not be thinking that High Tea is only for girly parties!!  xoxo, Marisa

P.S. Here is my totes adorbs niece Amanda and I at The Plaza for Tea Time!


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