In Sickness or In Health

It can be hard to feel romantic during cold and flu season, but worry not!  I’m here with the most romantic recipe for your loved one when they are stuck in bed!  The Hot Toddy!  This is a cocktail designed to soothe the common cold.

1 teaspoon honey

2 fluid ounces boiling water

1 1/2 fluid ounces whiskey

3 whole cloves

1 cinnamon stick

1 slice lemon

1 pinch ground nutmeg

Pour the honey, boiling water, and whiskey into a mug. Spice it with the cloves and cinnamon, and put in the slice of lemon. Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes so the flavors can mingle, then sprinkle with a pinch of nutmeg before serving.


Recipes will vary, some will use brandy or bourbon, some add a little tea, some skip the cloves and nutmeg.  Also, be sure to have your love drink a big glass of water with it because alcohol dehydrates and that’s the last thing they’ll need while they’re sick…the more fluids the better!

For bonus points, add a little neck massage to soothe those muscle aches!

What are your favorite remedies?


Until next time…


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