Romantic City: Financial District

On our 11th year after September 11th

I remember every detail of this day as if it were yesterday and actually feel that this should be a national holiday, where we close our business and stay home and grieve for those who did not survive this horrific moment in our American history. When this day comes each year, I am so filled with sadness that I can’t imagine anyone who feels like working and going on with normal day to day activities. That said, I am not sure that those fallen would agree. I think the idea that we would grieve and feel the least bit defeated would simply feed into what the terrorist philosophy wanted. So in all due respect, I have come up with a bitter sweet day or evening of activities which will allow you to honor those you knew, loved or feel compassion for, while, living life and enjoying the beauty that NYC has to offer.

My favorite way to begin the day or evening would be to make arrangements to dine at the restaurant cafe of The World Center Hotel. (for hotel guests primarily, and not completely open to the public, however, they said they can make concessions). Their cafe view over looks the World Trade Center site and will inspire you with the progress made over the last 11 years. You have full view of the magnificent fountains in the foot print of the towers as well as the landscaping, the newer buildings and the updates on the large towers going up. When Liz and I dined there we thought it fun and appropriate to go fully American with Chicken Wings and Sliders which were very special and absolutely delicious! They have a full menu of salads and main courses, as well!  And the cocktails are a bargain and beautifully prepared.

Next store is the W Hotel Downtown, in the event you chose to have drinks before or after. The W is a great place to visit. Other ideas we have are to take a stroll over to Trinity Church, and head over the elevated walk way to the World Financial Center, through the back, to the patio and boating dock. The view is magnificent, and shows off the powerful vibe of NYC architecture in the most awe striking way.

We were disappointed to find that the bar at the top of the Ritz Carlton Downtown is now only available for weddings and private parties, but the concierge recommended to check out the roof top bar at the New Conrad Hotel. I must say, the view did not compare to The Ritz, and the cocktails were pricy but it was a lovely, intimate space, perfect for privacy and romance, with still an incredible view.

May you and your loved ones cherish this day, remember the fallen and make the most of each day we are here to enjoy our gorgeous city. A city perfect for the everyday romantic!

Love, Marisa

One thought on “Romantic City: Financial District

  1. I love these ideas, and in the near future when I call NYC my home, I will be taking your suggestions to heart. What a lovely way to honor those who were lost, and celebrate their sprit, not to mention enjoy the energy of the city!

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